Monday, July 2, 2012

The Rock Wood Fired Pizza

Joel, Julie and I went out to dinner last to celebrate a great review I had at work, but really because we didn't want to cook something for dinner. Joel decided we should go to The Rock Wood Fired Pizza and Spirits up in Lynnwood. I like their pizza because of the thin crust and variety of topping combinations that always leaves me trying to decide what to order. Their menu describes why their pizzas are so good, "While the cooking surface of our ovens is between 500-600 degrees, the upper chamber of the oven can reach over 900 degrees. The heat produced is very dry, which is perfect for sealing in flavors and juices. We use almond wood in the ovens for two important reasons: the dense hard wood creates more heat, while also imparting a sweet, fruity aroma." Their dough is also hand tossed, which is always fun to watch.

I decided to splurge and order a beer. I decided to order the Wild Thing: Honey Wheat Beer. Joel decided to order the Beer Sampler which included each micro brew they have on tap; Jump'n Jack Black, Lite My Fire: Very Pale Low-Cal Ale (which was surprising flavorful for a very lite, low calorie beer! I might order this one next time!), Rock Steady Red, Sledge Hammer: India Pale Ale, Suicide Blonde: Bohemian-style Pilsner, and Wild Thing: Honey Wheat Beer.

Joel ordered the Beer Sampler. He likes to tell us about each beer as though he is a great connoisseur.
Cheers to us!
We ordered the Garlic Mozz Bread appetizer. "Our legendary dough, brushed with crushed garlic, extra virgin olive oil, pecorino romano and topped with mozzarella then baked in our brick oven". It was very, very good! ($.599)

I ordered the Stairway to Heaven, which was amazing! This pizza has garlic butter brushed dough, topped with fresh mozzarella and baked. Then it is topped with fresh baby arugula, diced tomatoes, prosciutto, parmesan cheese and finally, a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. So light and fresh tasting, it was perfect.
Joel ordered the Flirtin' With Disaster. This pizza is topped with hot Italian sausage, andouille sausage, caramelized onions, fresh crushed garlic and red chili flakes. Joel said it was very good and he would order this again!
Julie ordered the Bang a Gong which has garlic butter brushed on the dough, then topped with grilled chicken, green peppers, white onions, pineapple, mozzarella and romano cheese. Then the pizza is drizzled with sweet red chili sauce and finished with fresh cilantro. I have a bite and the chili sauce was so good on this!

This is a great place to go with a group of people with differing tastes. You can order any pizza in a 9", 12" or 16" size. We decided to each get our own pizza and went with the 9" size. This was the perfect amount of pizza, especially since we ordered an appitizer and beer.  There are also plently of salads, burgers, sandwiches and wraps to pick from too. There is something for everyone here!

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  1. I absolutely love The Rock, their pizza is so good!