Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer Time Flowers and Veggies

Back in April I wrote about all the flowers in my gardens, in my post Spring is Here! Here is an update to what is blooming at the Odell house this summer.

My lavender is in full bloom. I just love the bright purple!
Yellow snapdragons in the front yard.
I forget the name of this plant, but it has wonderful, pink blooms.
I love hydrangeas, they remind me of the giant blue hydrangeas my grandma had outside her kitchen window.
I have no idea what these are named, I got them on clearance at Fred Meyer and they are just multiplying!
I love these bright flowers, a very cheery addition to the back patio.
Joel's tomatoes are even growing! I can't wait to eat them!
We are going to have so many cherry tomatoes - I can't wait!

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