Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Best Sandwich Ever! (well, in a long time, anyway...)

I just ate the best sandwich I have had in a long time! I didn't pack a lunch from home today, so when I was trying to decide where to pick up lunch from I decided to try the new sandwich shop near my office. My bus drops me off right in front of this place and I have been dying to visit it. The smell of their breakfast options makes me hungry every morning! I always eat breakfast at home, but their food makes my mouth water every morning!

Pane Pane Gourmet Sandwiches is amazing! Located near my office, on the corner of Union Street and Third Avenue in downtown Seattle, this is a great option for grabbing a quick bite for lunch or taking a break from all there is to see and do in downtown. Thier late hours make this a good option for getting a quick and easy dinner, too.

They have a ton of sandwich combinations to pick from, including vegetarian options. I decided on the Turkey with Wasabi Coleslaw and it was delicious! Their sandwiches come in two sizes, short (4"-5") and long (9"-10"); I opted for the long, because I am a girl who loves to eat. I didn't add on the soda and side to make it a meal, so my order came to $8.20 after tax, which isn't bad for lunch in downtown. I even ordered one of the more expensive sandwiches, so you could probably knock that price down, if you wanted.

There was a pretty good sized line when I arrived of about six people, but it went quickly. I ordered my lunch and had just enough time to check in on FourSquare before my number was up! I was headed back to the office in no time. There are a few spots to eat inside the restaurant and a couple more outside, for those of you who don't plan to work through your lunch, like me.

All wrapped up and easy to carry!
Turkey with Wasabi Coleslaw
Some people said on Yelp that the sandwiches are not very large and aren't very filling, but I feel very satisfied. I will be going back here, very soon!

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