Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Morning After...

Joel and I stayed the night at my parent's house after the James Family Fifth of July Celebration. We woke up to breakfast and coffee with my parents and then decided to wander outside to help Dad clean up the yard after the fireworks show the night before. Holy Cow. There was debris and scraps from the fireworks everywhere!

The yard was a mess. There were tiny pieces of cardboard and debris from the fireworks all over the yard. I'm talking about almost a third of an acre looked exactly like the picture above. It was everywhere!

I started to have nightmares of spending the entire day, in the hot sun, picking up tiny pieces of cardboard out of my dad's yard. But to my thankful surprise, Dad had other plans.

I can't even remember what the name of the attachment to his lawnmower is, but that beautiful piece of machinery saved my life that day. After about ten minutes spent dismantling the two tables and burning all the left over boxes (which resulted in lighting off a few forgotten fireworks), we were finished with the clean up! Well, it took Dad a bit longer than that to make several passes over the yard to pick up all the debris, but the effort was minor for everyone. Thanks goodness! What a mess!

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