Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dinner at Daniel's

Last night, Joel and I took his parent's out to dinner at Daniel's Broiler in Bellevue to celebrate their 40th Wedding Anniversary. Even though we had already celebrated with them back on their actual anniversary, we wanted to do something special for them - I mean, 40 YEARS!

We had a great time enjoying the DELICIOUS food at Daniel's. Located on the 21st floor of the Bank of America building in Bellevue, we had a stunning view of Seattle. It was a bit strange to see the downtown Seattle skyline from the eastside.  The Olympic Mountains seemed so closer to the city that you wouldn't believe the sound could fit in between. Very cool. (Sorry, I didn't get a picture of the view. The sun was setting, we weren't right next the window, it was busy... nothing was going my way...)

We started out with the Caprese Tower appetizer that was very good. I love anything caprese, just love it. Joel decided to order the top sirloin with a side of garlic mashed potatoes and I couldn't resist the crab cakes with a bowl of the clam chowder soup to start. We both thought our dinners were amazing. I am still having dreams about that crab cake!

Beefsteak tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil,
LiGure olive oil, and Villa Manodori 10-year balsamic vinegar
Creamy Northwest-style Clam Chowder
Chandler's Crabhouse "World's Best" Crab Cake
Served with a hearts of palm salad, dressed with a trio of sauces
Joel's top sirloin with garlic mashed potatoes
When I made our reservations, I told Daniel's we were celebrating Jack and Judy's 40th wedding anniversary and they surprised us with this delicious dessert, compliments of the chef!

Valrhona Chocolate Cake, served warm, molten center
served with vanilla ice cream and berries
Joel's parents also enjoyed their evening as well and told it was probably the nicest restaurant they have ever been to! So the night was a success!

Joel didn't want to ask the server to take our picture so we had to settle for a few selfies out front.

So if you ever find yourself on the eastside and looking for an amazing dinner, I would check out Daniel's Broiler!


  1. Wow that does look fancy! My parents 40 years is this october

  2. I love Daniel's. Once I went there for a friend's birthday and had the most amazing steak ever. Then later I took a shot of tequila and threw it all up... what a waste. :-(

    Sarah @ Life As Always