Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Yellow Church Cafe

The morning after our Yakima River Float trip, we decided to visit the Yellow Church Cafe for breakfast. Not only did it get great reviews from Yelp, but it was highly recommended to us by the staff at our hotel.

The perfect place for Sunday breakfast!
The Yellow Church Cafe is just that - a cafe inside a yellow church! On the corner of Pearl Street and Capitol Avenue in Ellensburg, WA, it is a local landmark. The sanctuary is now the dinning area and the food is straight from heaven above!

We decided to start with an order of the cinnamon roll and the heavenly loaf to share between the four of us. Let me tell you, they were both so goooood! I had to suppress the strong desire to elbow everyone out of the way and stuff them both into my face. So Good.

The heavenly loaf on top was a cheesy, garlicky, herby roll of goodness,
and below is the finger-licking good cinnamon roll.
They were huge! I had to add in a coffee cup for some perspective.
It was hard to decide what to order, everything sounded so good, but I finally settled on the spinach, mushroom and goat cheese omelet. Joel decided to go for the huevos rancheros. Both dishes were delish!

My spinach, mushroom, and goat cheese omelet
with potatoes, orange slices and a star-shaped biscuit that melted in my mouth.
Joel's huevos rancheros.
I'm thinking I might make the two hour drive just to have another meal at this great little cafe! 

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