Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lunch at Matt's in the Market

My sister did me a huge favor and she drove my grandparents back to the airport. She was coming down to Bellevue to run an errand and offered to take them so I didn't have to drive up to Lynden and then back down to the airport (we are talking about a four hour round trip drive here, people). So to show my appreciation and gratidue, I took her out to lunch at Matt's in the Market.

The entry to Matt's in the Martket is located on the third floor
on the corner of First and Pike.

Located literally across the street from the Pike Place Market sign, it is just a short walk from the office. We were quickly seated at a window table with a great view of the market. Talk about perfect spot for people watching! The sunshine and the gentle breeze from the open window made this the perfect summer lunch spot.

Our amazing view!
I decided to order the halibut fishwich with a simple green salad side on the side. My sister went with the pan-fried cormeal crusted catfish, also with a simple green salad on the side, which was my second choice. My lunch was delicious! I could have easily eaten two of these sandwiches, just so I could keep on tasting it.

We had a great time catching up on what has been happening, I got to hear all about my nephew, Kaleb's activities, and we talked about the upcoming family camping trip for the weekend.  It was a great break in my workday and it was tempting to just ride home with Jaisha instead of returning to my office.

Jaisha and I enjoying our lunch.


  1. Jealous! I love Matt's in the Market, and I don't think I've been there since we went for that team lunch a while back.

    Sarah @ Life As Always

  2. Did your sister used to work at Northwest Radiologists?