Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Day in the Life of Jess

Day 15: A Day in the Life

Time to wake up. I let myself sleep in a bit this morning.
After a quick shower. I try to pick out something to wear.
This can take forever.

Up next is taming the hair and putting on make-up.
trying to look put together for at least a part of my day.

Say goodbye to a still sound asleep Joel.
Can you believe it is this light out at 6:45 am?
 Pack up my lunch and my snacks for the day.

Eat a good breakfast.
Wait for the peahen to finish crossing the street
as I leave my house on the way to work.
Drive down to the Kenmore Park & Ride where I catch the bus to work.
Walk the two blocks to the office.
Not a bad place to call work, huh?
Drink lots of coffee.
It isn't long before I am ready for a snack.
Today it is cottage cheese and mandarin oranges.
Work, work, work.
Lunch time. Today's menu has chicken, rice and sweet potatoes.
I'm trying to get ready for summer.
Good thing I have a good book to distract me from my less-than appetizing lunch.

A package arrives. Due to thefts in our neighborhood Joel and I ship everything to my office, so it is always a surprise to see what Joel has been shopping for.
This time it was a new mouse for my dad, another cell phone charger for the car, and tree bags for our front lawn. Fun.
A self-portrait of me waiting for my ride home in the rain.
The bus ride home.
Time for a quick dinner. Yum Yum.
Joel and I headed to gym. I love to do incline sit-ups with Russian twists and medicine ball toss.
Do three sets of fifteen of those and tell me you aren't sore!
After a shower, it is my favorite time of the day, snuggles with Joel before bed.

There you have it, everything I did on Wednesday, May 15, 2013. Pretty exciting life right!

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