Sunday, October 14, 2012

Adventura Ropes Course

A while ago we decided to buy the Groupon for the Adventura ropes course located at the Redhook Brewery in Woodinville. Jackie and Chris decided to get the Groupon too. The day we went was a bit overcast and was threatening to rain, so I was bit nervous the course would be harder in the rain and we wouldn't have any fun. But I was wrong! It did sprinkle a little bit, but not enough to dampen our spirits.

All suited up and ready to climb!
Jackie and Chris, ready to get started!
Jackie and Chris had already completed a Ropes Course during their trip to Australia and New Zealand, so this was old news for them. But they were good sports and excited to give this course a try. Poor Jackie is not a big fan of heights and it was a bit cold outside, so she didn't have the best time. Joel, on the other hand, made me wonder if he wasn't half monkey. He must have completed each obstacle three times and wanted to keep going. He was a great time!

Joel, getting ready to attempt his first obstacle.
It doesn't look that high off the ground, but it sure felt like it was!
There were so many different obstacles that ranged from easy to difficult. There were a couple times where I was pretty sure I was stuck. I tried so hard to hold onto my safety ropes and to just use the course ropes, but I did cheat a few times. Not Joel. He was determined to conquer them all, no cheating.

"Look no hands!"
So many different obstacles, routes to take, challenges to face!
Even getting down was a chance for fun for Joel!
We had a lot of fun and are thinking of giving it another try when they finish their expansion of the course!

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