Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Happy Anniversary to Us!

It was three years ago today, that Joel and I became husband and wife. It is a wonderful feeling to look at Joel today and feel exactly how I felt when I held his hands at the alter. Marriage has been a wonderful journey and I couldn't have picked a better man!

Joel and I decided to get simple gifts for each other this year, as we are about to leave on our trip to Costa Rica and wanted to save our money for the trip. That said, Joel was still able to make me feel like a queen. I was treated to flowers at the office, flowers at home, and a very sweet gift. Joel likes to send me flowers at the office and then get me another bouquet for at home - isn't that sweet! However, this year I had to bring my work flowers home because there were in lilies in the arrangement and there a few people at the office with sensitivity to strong smells. Joel instantly got a really sad look on his face when he came in the front door with my home bouquet in his arms and saw my work flowers on the island. He felt awful for ordering lilies, poor guy!

I decided to get Joel something practical for his gift, so I got him a new light for bike and some energy gummies. He really likes to ride his bike to work (from Kenmore to Redmond) and he a honey stick to give his body quick energy during his hour ride which avoids his body turning his muscles for the energy and causing muscle deterioration. So I thought the gummies would be a nice change from honey sticks. Come this time of year, Joel rides home from work in the dark and I worry about him. With his new light, it will be a much safer ride.

We treated our selves to dinner at the Outback Steak House, where we ate way too much food. I know it isn't a fancy restaurant, but it was close to home, I didn't have to cook, and we both like steak - so it was perfect for us!
Joel gave a silver heart on a leather bracelet to match my anchor bracelet which he gave to be for Christmas last year. He is my anchor and my love. I love it!
My Work Flowers: They are going to amazing when the lilies and irises open up!
My Home Flowers: I love the colors and variety of flowers! Just Beautiful!
Joel's new bike light and energy gummies.
Joel was so excited for his new light, he had test it out in the back yard. This is the old light (you can barely see the light in this picture).
And this is his new light! I can't believe this difference! He is super excited to ride his bike now and I can feel better knowing he is a bit safer when he rides home from work in the dark.
I am one lucky girl to have such a wonderful husband! I love you Joel!

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