Monday, October 29, 2012

Costa Rica: Day Ten

Monday, October 29, 2012

This morning we woke up sad and disappointed to be beginning our journey home. We really had no reason to be so sad, we did everything we hoped to do, ate amazing food, meet wonderful people, saw exotic animals and had the trip of a lifetime. But as with all endings, it was bittersweet. We were looking forward to not living out a suitcase anymore, cooking for ourselves, the lack of humidity in Seattle, and for the comfort of our own home and bed!

We were picked up from our hotel at about 2:00am in order to make our 5:00am flight to Houston, Texas. Our hotel provided a boxed breakfast option when we checked in, which we decided might be a good idea. It was so much food, that I gave away most of the contents of my box, but I appreciated having something to munch on as I woke up during the ride to the airport. After a three hour flight to Houston, going through customs, a  four and a half hour flight to Seattle, and a thirty minute car ride, we finally made it back home.

Jack Rabbit was so excited to see us, he was jumping all over the place. Julie said he was moody and lazy for the first three days we were gone. He didn't want to come out of his cage and when he did, he just sat in one spot. It was nice to know that he missed us. I was so thankful I had taken the next day off work, so I had time to do all the laundry, go grocery shopping and slowly get into the swing of things. Joel had a lot to get caught up on, so he went right back to work.

It was a wonderful trip and we had the best time. We wouldn't have changed a thing, except Joel would have like to actually ride a bike someplace instead of the "glicying" tour we had. All in all, a perfect trip!

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