Sunday, October 14, 2012


Every year my company sponsors a table at the annual SWANK event. For whatever the reason, only two employees wanted to go, so in an effort to staff our company table, I asked Jackie Chris and Julie if they would want to go. They were excited at the chance to attend a live and silent auction event and learn more about what Seattle Works does in the Seattle community.

This year the event was held at the very swanky venue of Fremont Studios. SWANK is an event geared for the twenty to thirty year-olds in Seattle who want to get involved in their communities. This is what Seattle Works has to say about their organization and the funds raised from SWANK do, "Funds raised at Swank are dollars well spent. Nonprofits, schools and community institutions look to Seattle Works to gain effective volunteer teams, trained board members, and an infusion of new ideas and energy. Last year alone we generated 19,538 hours of volunteer service, which translated into 407 projects at over 100 partner organizations, ranging from refurbishing science kits and installing playground equipment to habitat restoration and maintaining community gardens. We also prepared 205 individuals for board service, plus 54 people graduated from our HandsOn Leadership course equipped to manage full-scale community projects, and hosted a series of nonpartisan events to help people connect with the candidates and issues on their ballot. Most importantly, we continued to serve as the place for individuals looking to take the next step in their community involvement, ranging from sampling different nonprofits at one time projects to committing to a significant volunteer leadership role."
Julie and Jackie
Chris, Jackie, Joel and I checking out the silent auction items.
Me, Julie and Jackie
We all had a ton of fun at this event and to my surprise, Joel bid on and won a 60" television and XBox. I was shocked. He wasn't that excited to attend the event but decided it wouldn't be too terrible to eat a free, delicious dinner and hang out with Jackie and Chris. Then he goes and bids on a giant TV! We weren't even sure it would fit in our entertainment stand at home! He was pretty surprised he won the TV. He saw the bid was still very low about five minutes before the silent auction closed, so he figured why not. Even if he didn't win, he would help the price go a bit higher. But no one else placed a bid, and Joel won! He was so excited to get the new TV home and get it set up. His win made my Chihuly Fire coffee table book and note cards silent auction win seem less exciting, but I am enjoying learning about Chihuly as I peruse his book.

Ready to place my bid in the live auction.
Julie and Jackie, eager to enjoy our tower of cupcakes.
Joel and I enjoying our dinner.
We each received grab bags filled with lots of great freebies, Julie did a great job securing us amazing cupcakes in the Desert Dash, and we were entertained by the live auction activities while we enjoyed a delicious dinner. I know the five of us had a great time.

Joel got the new TV set up and we lucked out - it fits in our entertainment center... just barely.
There is literally only a quarter inch of clearance on either side of the TV.
It has been interesting watching movies and television on such a large and clear screen. People look different and images are just too real. I am sure in no time, I will adjust to this new standard of what looks normal. Crazy technology!

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