Monday, October 8, 2012

BookIt Theatre - Hotel on the Corner

This month we are reading Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet for my office book club. I had already read the book a couple months ago, so I was excited to hear what my co-workers thought of it. Picking this book for October was lucky, because Book-It Repertory Theatre choose this book for their 2012-13 season. My boss and her husband have season tickets to Book-It and they invited my co-worker Sarah and I to join them for the performance of Bitter and Sweet. We jumped at the chance to see the book performed by the talented actors of Book-It.

I have been to two previous shows at Book-It and loved it both times. Book-It is a non-profit organization that encourages literacy and the love of literature by creating interactive plays from loved stories. The talent of the writers is evident by the amazing way the stories come alive on the stage. I am an emotional reader, feeling every emotion I read, and when I see a Book-It play, I feel them all over again. Book-It Theatre has over 90 world-premiere adaptations of full-lenght novels of which many have received rave reviews and have been performed all over the country.

The performance of Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet was wonderful. This is a story about Henry Lee growing up in Seattle's Chinatown in 1940 and his decades later search for a lost love. Aside from one horrible wig, the characters were exactly how I imagined them and I was enthralled as the story came to life before my eyes. It was a wonderful evening and a great review of the book before the book club meeting!

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