Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Volunteering in the Community

The company I work for it is a participant in Rebuilding Together Seattle's annual Spring Rebuilding Day. This year we were paired with a wonderful homeowner in West Seattle. We had such a wonderful experience during our Spring Rebuilding Day that as a company we wanted to continue to help our homeowner. We have assisted with replacing the outdated and dangerous electrical wiring in her home, performed furnace maintenance, and organized the donation of materials to paint her home this fall. Last Saturday was the big day for painting her home and completing a few yard work tasks.

Getting started!

Everyone was super excited to help out!
Julie taught us important multi-tasking skills.
Even Jackie, Chris, Julie and Joel volunteered to help out! I promise that I didn't force them into helping, they actually wanted into join in on the fun.

Chris did a great job trimming the overgrown hedges.
See, they had a great time!
It is amazing what a group of people can accomplish! We painting an entire house and cleaned up the yard in one day! It felt good to get out, help out a member of the local community, and get to know the people you work in a setting outside of the office. If you ever have a chance to volunteer for an afternoon, I highly recommend doing so! Not only does it benefit someone in need, but you feel pretty good, too.

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