Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hiking Mt. Pilchuck

Jackie and Chris called us up at about 10:00am and asked if we wanted to go on a hike with them. Even though we felt like we had just gotten to sleep after taking Julie to airport at 4:00am that morning, we were game. After breakfast and some discussion, the four of us decided to hike Mt. Pilchuck. We packed up some snacks and hit the road, reaching the trail head around 2:00pm.
At the trail head, ready to hike the mountain.

Early in the hike and everyone is having fun.
One mile in and we are ready for a snack. Time to break out the grapes and trail mix.

Joel, Jackie and Chris - ready to continue on our hike.

Along the way we made friends with this little guy who was busy eating his lunch.
We picked Mt. Pilchuck because of what my hiking book, Day Hiking North Cascades by Craig Romano, had to say about the trail: "Rising one mile above the surrounding countryside and perched on the western edge of the Cascades, Pilchuck packs some of the best panoramic viewing to be found in these parts. From its historical and restored fire lookout, scan the horizon - from Rainer to Baker, Glacier Peak to the Olympics, Seattle to the San Juans - and every jagged, rugged and snow-capped peak lining the Mountain Loop Highway." With a write up like, we couldn't say no. And the mountain did not disappoint.
The landscape was beautiful up there and the sunny day made everything seem so bright and spectacular.

Joel and I got a bit ahead of the group, so we decided to take a break and wait for Jackie and Chris to catch up.

We are nearly above the clouds!

At the summit! We made it!

At the top of the mountain there is a look out station which has lots of information about the mountain, surrounding landmarks, and the history of the area. Of course, it also has amazing views!


Can you see the mountain man?

Joel and Chris, taking in the sights.

What a helpful guy!

We made it back down - tired but happy.
This was amazing hike. It is a bit of climb and at times the ground is pretty uneven, but I think the average person would make it up to the top without too much effort. Just plan ahead, take your time, and be prepared. I think this will become a regular hike for the Odells.

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