Saturday, September 1, 2012

Jessie Poppins's Bag

The other night I decided it was time to clean out my purse. I thought it would be interesting to catalog what I had decided was necessary to carry around with me all day. As I dumped my purse out onto the living room floor, Joel was shocked to see how much came out. He said, "Wow, it is like Jessie Poppins's Bag!". (He makes me laugh!)

So it looks like a giant mess, which is why I needed to finally get it cleaned out. Once I got everything sorted, here is what I was left with.
  • Coin wallet with shopping cards on ring
  • Watch
  • Baggie with extra watch links
  • Fitbit
  • Ear buds
  • Camera
  • Camera carry case
  • Camera USB cord
  • Camera tri-pod
  • Camera card reader
  • Car charger to USB adapter
  • Flash drive
  • Cell phone wipes
  • Foundation Compact
  • Eye power compact
  • Mascara
  • Three lip glosses
  • Lotion
  • UW coozie
  • Chiropractor business card
  • Direction written on a post-it note
  • Baggie of toothpicks (left over from a function at work)
  • Wallet
  • Checkbook
  • Business card wallet
  • Empty Tupperware that once held peanut butter
  • Tickets to Mariners game
  • VIP wrist band from Sounders game
  • Cliff bar
  • Workout and Diet tracking book
  • Pen
  • Two checks and a deposit slip
  • Random cash bills
  • Two recipe cards
  • Ten receipts for miscellaneous purchases
  • A United Way flyer
  • Travel medication holder
  • Paycheck

I can't believe I had all that stuff in my purse! It isn't like my purse is enormous!

What strange stuff do you carry in your purse?

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  1. Good lord! At least I know who's purse to go through for loose bills ;)