Sunday, September 16, 2012

Huskies Football

A couple weeks ago, Joel and I bought tickets to see the Huskies play the Portland State Vikings on Groupon. The tickets were only thirty bucks each, so we weren't expecting great seats, but we were expecting lots of fun! Our friends Anna and Robert have season tickets, so we were planning to meet up with them for the game. Anna and Robert tailgate with a group of Tyee Club members, so they hang out in the RV section. At the Husky stadium, it is right next to the stadium near the water, which is great! At Qwest Field, the Tyee Club tailgating section is in the North Lot. We have lots of fun tailgating with Anna and Robert and their friends. There is always really good food, lots of beer and even more laughs.
I'm ready for some Husky Football!
Anna and I showing off our W tattoos
I'm ready to watch the game!
Not bad seats for Groupon tickets!
When it came time for the game, we found our seats to be pretty good. We were in Section 343, which is just to the west of the Hawks Nest. The rows are pretty step, so you have a view of the field. We were having a great time cheering on the Huskies as they scored touchdown after touchdown. My sister Jaisha was also at the game with her friend Becky, so we meet up with them in the beer garden during the halftime. My cousin Leann and her boyfriend Sean were also at the game and they down to meet up with us too. After a few beers, we finished watching the game with Anna and Robert at their seats in the Hawks Nest.
Sean, Leann, Me and Joel - Go Huskies!
Becky and Jaisha - Having fun in the beer garden.
Jaisha, Me and Joel - flashing our dubs (and two weird guys)
Having a great time watching the Huskies win!
It was a great game! The Huskies won 52 to 13! It was crazy! Joel and I are thinking maybe we should get season tickets for the Huskies football season next year. It would be tons of fun and we would see Anna and Robert lots! So who knows, maybe next year there will be lots more posts like this one!

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