Thursday, September 13, 2012

Utts and Odells Visit the Farmer's Market

Looking for some entertainment last Sunday, we decided to visit the Everett Farmers Market with my sister-in-law, Julia, and her two kids, Makenzie and Connor. Joel and I got there a bit early and decided to get something to eat while we waited for the Utt's to join us. We decided to get tacos from Los Chilangos. Best decision all weekend! They were so flavorful that I could have eaten way more than my share! Turns out they also have two food trucks that I believe Joel and I will be visiting again shortly!

Together with the Utt's strolled about the pier and looked at all the different vendors. I love seeing all the fresh produce. It makes me want to buy it all and go straight home to make up something delicious to eat. I get inspired by all the bright colors and variety in vegetables and fruits. It makes me want to be more adventurous when it comes to my meals. Why don't I spice up my salad with tomatoes in three different shades, or why don't I eat a peach one day and a nectarine the next? But I never do. I just buy red tomatoes and I usually get five apples at the store, enough to eat one a day at work.

We did decide to treat ourselves to a dessert each from this amazing bakery. We decided on the Lemon Tart and the Carmel Coconut bar. My mouth was watering just waiting to take the first bite. Joel and I shared so we could have a bit of both, since we had a hard enough time narrowing the many tantizing options down to two. They were so good and worth the cheat!

We also decided to buy this piece of artwork from a local artist. She actually won a prize at a local art show for this piece and was so happy that we were going to buy it. I don't have the perfect spot picked out yet, but I will find a spot to hang this soon. It is a mixed medium photograph of those paper lantern plants. Joel really liked the picture and it quickly grew on me.
Our reward for an afternoon of fun - fresh produce, honey sticks, delicious seasoning mixes, and a beautiful piece of art.
Makenzie, Julia, Connor, Joel and me at the Everett Farmers Market

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