Saturday, September 1, 2012

Mariners Game - Part Two

Joel and I won tickets to see the Seattle Mariners play against the Los Angeles Angels on Friday. Even though the Mariners didn't win (they lost 9-1), it was still a fun night. Joel came and met me at my office where we park for the baseball games. Then we took a quick and free ride down to the stadium where we picked up some dinner and beers before the game.

Uh-oh, Joel we have a problem here!
I guess one of the fans felt the game needed some excitement because he ran out in the field in only his bright orange underpants. Yep, that is right, we saw a streaker. He was out there for quite a while. There were several officers chasing after him, but he made it around the bases and did circles in the outfield before he just gave up and was walked off the field. The players were just shaking their heads and avoiding the streaker. Joel said even if I find enough people to pay the $6,000 fine, I was not allowed to do the same. Party Pooper.

Hard to see, but here is a picture of the streaker in his underpants.
Overall, not a bad way to start off the weekend! Happy Labor Day Weekend!

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