Monday, September 17, 2012

Julie's 25th Birthday Party

After the Husky game, we packed up and headed up to Bellingham for a night out on the town Bham-style to celebrate Julie's 25th birthday. We invited Mark Bailey, Mark Thayer and Amy Thayer along for the fun. We started the night by getting dinner at Boundary Bay Brewery on Railroad Ave in Bellingham. Joel ordered the Chicken Enchiladas, Bailey ordered the Beer-BQ Sandwich and I ordered the Salmon Pesto Sandwich, and we shared a plate of Tapenade to start off. The food and drinks here are pretty good and I have always enjoyed my meal.

After a few beers and a full tummy, we meet up with the Thayers and walked over to the Beaver. We were in for an education. The Beaver had moved and the old bar is now called State Street Bar and is no where near as great as the old Beav. It was a ghost town and the atmosphere just wasn't the same. But we had four pitchers anyway. We decided it was time to go when the bar tender came up to us holding up the dollar bill that Bailey had put in the men's room trough and said, "Not cool. Not cool at all." What! Since when did the Beav not have a dollar bill in the trough? This place had changed and we didn't like it.

So we went over to the new Beav which wasn't too bad. It has a very similar layout and the same staff, so we settled in and started drinking more. It was great to be back in Bellingham drinking with our friends and getting caught up. Julie had a couple friends stop by and the drinks just kept coming. At some point in the night we ended up outside and I wandered in the alley behind the Beav. It wasn't long before I found myself wandering around the basement of the Beav. I brought out a keg I found down there and some how the boys dragged it out in to the street. Julie dragged the keg back on the sidewalk, where Thayer and Bailey started rolling her around on it. Joel was not happy to hear I was back to my old tricks of doing stupid stuff. He dragged me out of the basement and made Amy take me back in to the bar to clean out the cuts and scrapes I had somehow managed to cause to my arm.

We decided we should get something to eat, so we headed over to get some pierogies. A short taxi ride later and we were back in our hotel room, chowing down on pierogies and talking. The phone in our room started to ring, so I answered it. It was the front desk calling to tell us if we didn't quiet down and stop climbing in and out of the windows, they were going to call the cops on us. I was shocked. Who was crawling in and out of the windows? I looked around the room, counted the bodies, but we were all still there, sitting on chairs or the floor eating our food. I told the front desk we weren't crawling in and out of windows and that we would quiet down. We figured it was just some old cranky person who could hear us through the paper thin walls and was angry. So we kept our voices down and went to bed shortly after this.

The next thing I know, it is 10:00am and the phone is ringing again. Joel answered this time and it was the front desk again. They said they were kicking us out because we were climbing in and out of the windows last night. Joel said that we never did that, and the font desk argued with Joel about it for about five minutes. Joel was frustrated and said, fine we will leave. Joel hung up the phone and told us to get up, they were kicking us out. Who kicks people out of their room, two hours before check out? We were so confused and puzzled, but we packed up our stuff and left. We went over to Denny's to get some food in our tummies before we drove up to Lynden to hang out with my parents and sisters for Julie's birthday. Overall it was a great night with lots of drinks, lots of laughs and memories made. Julie had a great time and considered her birthday off to a good start!

Happy 25th Birthday to Julie!

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  1. I can't believe it's taken me so long to catch up on your blog! My birthday was a BLAST, thank you again!!! Odellsons sure know how to party :)