Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Birch's Labor Day Weekend BBQ (and Anna is getting a year older)

After the Mariners game, we headed south for the city of Puyallup to join in on the fun at The Birch's Labor Day Weekend BBQ (and Anna is getting a year older).

Anna's mom made a beautiful birthday cake for the birthday girl!

Robert and John are having fun!

Poor Anna had to be center of attention and open her gifts while everyone watched. What a good sport Anna is!

I had fun entertaining the babies for a bit, Zoe and Thomas are such good babies!

Anna's mom wanted a picture with everyone in the background so it would be proof that Anna wasn't alone at her birthday party. So here is your proof - lots of people came out to celebrate Anna and the long weekend!

Anna and I stayed up long into the night with the rest of the gang, talking and drinking around the fire.
We had so much fun getting caught up with Jeremy, Emily, Jared, John, Jerome, Melanie, Jackee, Saara, Vickey, Diana, and everyone else who attended the festivities. I would have stayed all night, but we had to head back home around 3:00am so we could get home in time to pick up Julie and her friend and get them to the airport in time for their flight to Florida. Even though we got about five hours of sleep, it was worth every fun-filled minute!

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